The Complete Works of William Shakespeare(abridged)三人でシェイクスピア

the complete works of william shakespeare(abridged)
Shakespeare by three actors
the complete works of william shakespeare(abridged)

Fun beyond imagination!
Topic work that has been hit all over the world. The Japanese version finally entered its 18th year since the first performance in 2002
Anyone who knows Shakespeare will be a maniac!
For those who do not know at all, this is a lively stage where everyone can enjoy the fun of Shakespeare.

2019. Shoichiro Akahoshi was awarded "Best Supporting Actor" at the 8th International Theater Academy Award in China
Schedule March 16 (Mon.) 19:00 BASE THEATER
May 22 (Fri.) 19:00 BOX in BOX THEATER
June 1 (Mon.) 19:00 Box in BOX THEATER
July 21 (Tue.) 19:00 BOX in BOX THEATER
August 24 (Mon.) 19:00 BASE THEATER
THEATER Performances are at three theaters within Theater Green. Performed in one of BASE THEATER / BOX in BOX THEATER / BIGTREE THEATER.

■Theater Location: 2-20-4 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, 171-0022
■"Ikebukuro Station" (JR Yamanote Line / Saikyo Line, Tobu Tojo Line, Seibu Ikebukuro Line, Subway Marunouchi Line / Yurakucho Line)
■Exit 39 underground passage (Seibu department store side) from JR Ikebukuro station south ticket gate .... about 2 minutes walk
■"Ikebukuro Station" from the east exit by ground road ... about 6 minutes walk
■Subway, Yurakucho Line "Higashi-Ikebukuro Station" ... About 5 minutes walk
■Toden / Arakawa Line "Zoshigaya Station" ... about 7 minutes walk
  note. There is no parking space, so please refrain from coming by car or motorcycle.
ticket Ticket fee (all seats free)
■Advance sale 3,700 yen 4,000 yen on the day
■High school students and under 2,500 yen  2,800 yen on the day
■9,600 yen discount for three people (only for advance sale)

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Syoicihro Akaboshi
Syoichiro Akaboshi
Yuriko Ishimaru
Yuriko Ishimaru
Masafumi Chinen
Masafumim Chinen
Voice from the audience I was not familiar with Shakespeare at all, but the exhilaration that I ran through at once without getting tired seems to be addictive. Woman

Interesting + surprised + excited!
That was a wonderful play!! It was unexpected performance in a good way! Man

  I was impressed if there was a performance of Shakespeare's work like this. Or rather, it was very interesting. I took off my hat for the master actors! Woman

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